Welcome to Lillibrooke Manor. My name is Johnny Bann and I am the sales and events manager for the venue and I’m going to walk you through your virtual tour of this barn wedding venue.

And we’re going to start with the beautiful sweeping driveway. It’s a perk of having so much land, you’ve got all of this space which is a picturesque backdrop for your photographs. Maybe you’ve got a beautiful arrival car, and you want to have that come down the sweeping driveway into the Manor – that is a nice start point for your day. Hopefully, as you can see, as we walk around, you’ll enjoy lots of beautiful places and can visualise your day here at Lillibrooke Manor- a truly magical barn wedding venue. I hope you enjoy the tour.

As you arrive on-site, you can come down and park that beautiful arrival car you might have hired out of the day in front of the Lillibrooke Manor itself.

So after your guests arrive, and get parked up, they will be welcomed by our car park stewards. Ushers are always helpful to be on hand to welcome your guests to help them get through the venue. The joy of Lillibrooke Manor is we’re an exclusive hire barn wedding venue. You’ve got lots of places to pick from but I’m going to walk you through what I think is a very nice option for your big day.

The Cloister Courtyard:-

So come on through this way, we’ve got the cloister courtyard which in essence is potentially the first arrival for your guests. You’ve got a stunning fountain in the middle- which gives you a nice atmosphere. A fully licensed outdoor wedding venue,  this a beautiful backdrop for your guests when they arrive, potentially for a drinks receptions or for canapes. We can have 170 people seated right here, but they don’t have to be seated on chairs, they could be on hay bales or they could be on picnic blankets. The choice is yours. That’s the joy of the heritage venues team. We’re here to help give you ideas, work through those ideas and create the dream day for you.

Common under the cover- this is where you can sit down and officially sign the registry book. And you have the amazing backdrop of all your family and friends behind you or you can have them looking, enjoying and applauding and joining in your celebrations. It’s what makes Lillibrooke so special. This is just one of the many choices of a ceremony on-site.

The Small Barn:-

Our first indoor wedding venue option is the Small Barn for ceremonies – you can have 130 guests in here. One of the big pros of Lillibrooke Manor is that we’re an exclusive hire barn wedding venue. We’ll only be one wedding a day here so you don’t have to worry about multiple weddings ever taking place. It’s the biggest joy of having an exclusive hire barn wedding venue. It’s your venue for the day. It’s your home away from home.

Like you can see, Lillibrooke is an extremely character-driven Barn wedding venue. We’ve got the original ILS (2:28), we’ve got the ladders that have been used around the venue going back to when the venue was a farm. The gold chairs are standard, and they can be set up like today. Hopefully, this gives you a nice feel for what your wedding day could be. After you’ve celebrated your ceremony with your family and friends, then you’d move on to the next part of your day- which would then bring you to your drinks reception your canapes. So what then flows beautifully from the small barn is the cloister courtyard. If you get a stunning day like today, what better space could you have for that– to have those canapes, the champagne being popped and then celebrate and enjoy with all of your family and friends in this garden.

The Manor House:

Before you arrive everyone’s wondering Lillibrooke Manor, where is it? What does it look like?

And what more could you want than this?

Lillibrooke Manor is an award-winning wedding venue in Berkshire. It is one of the oldest manors in the country, lived in from the mid-15th century. This is a backdrop for all those couple shots, family shots – it is a dream for any couple. It ticks that box of a quintessential Manor – and you can have it for your day

At Lillibrooke Manor, you’re set on 15 and a half acres of quintessential English land. It’s yours exclusively for your big day. No other weddings taking place. You’ve got the whole venue, all of this space to play with for your wedding day. Whether you’re having a ceremony in the Small Barn, the Great barn, or in the cloister courtyard, it’s your day. You do it how you want to!

So common across the venue.

You’ve got this as well to play with, maybe you just want to use it for some exclusive pictures with family and friends. But this is the joy of Lillibrooke, you tell us where you want things to happen. This is equally as popular as the cloister courtyard for having Champagne, Pimm’s, Prosecco, whatever you would like for your day.

In terms of the history of the manor, this is the original front, you’ve got the Lillibrooke crest just above the front door. And like you can see, it takes up box for quintessential English Manor. Red bricks, stunning house, sweeping front. A beautiful space for any couples to have those intimate family or couple photographs.

The Cottage Room:

For all those brides that have ever wondered where do I get ready on-site, where I put my hair straighteners or hair dryers. Well, we’ve got a beautiful cottage room. So just beside Lillibrooke Manor itself. That brings us nicely into this room. As part of your exclusive hire wedding venue, you get to enjoy this space- there’s no extra cost at all. It’s just here for as much or as little as you want to use it. There’s plenty of tables, chairs, mirrors, PowerPoints for all those essentials for getting ready with yourself and your bridesmaids We will have complimentary tea and coffee in here. There’s even a little mini-fridge. If you want to have a tipple before the event gets started.

In terms of the history of the space, you even have an original bread oven in the corner of the room. Like we’ve covered with Lillibrooke, it is an original family home. It was originally used for farming however many, many different things happened across the years. But original features like our bread oven just helps to create that character and atmosphere of what the venue once was and helps we think to make it that little bit more special for your wedding day.

You’ve arrived on-site. You’ve got ready, had your hair make up, enjoyed that part in the cottage room. You’ve gone into the small barn and you’ve had your ceremony, had a beautiful time with your guests. Then you’ve gotten into the grounds, enjoyed your drinks reception, your canapes, photo ops with your family and friends, and then the event manager will give a call that it’s time to move across to the Great Barn.

The Engine House & The Great Barn

Moving across this next part of your day, we’ve got the engine house on the left. We have the Great Barn straight ahead. And we have our brand new toilet extension on the right. We’ve done a lot of work to the site. We’ve had lots and lots of improvements over the years, the owners have really invested well and what they have added to this barn wedding venue will give you the best possible wedding day that we can have. The toilets we’ve extended out have them beautifully given to play into the original features of the venue.

You have five ladies cubicles, one disabled with Baby changing, one Gents cubicle with three urinals, so you’ll have no issues on that front. But coming into the next part of the day.

The exciting Great Barn. The Great Barn is one of the biggest barns in the south of England. Its max capacity for a sit-down meal is 170 guests. That would be the venue full from on the right where the glass doors are to the back wall- but no matter what your numbers are, it’s a little bit of a trick of the eye. If you work in the industry, there are different ways that you can put table numbers on guest numbers on tables for you to be able to have your sit down meal. We have six-foot tables, round;  We have five-foot tables, round; We’ve got six-foot trestle tables, to create all different types of setups for your day. So you get the setup you want. Those tables we have on-site so there’s no charge for hiring an extra one. Built into your catering costs is the ability to have that set up-You do a table plan with us and we set up the room how you would like. Built into that cost is your tables, chairs, your linen, your knives, your forks, your plates, everything to give you that service.

In terms of the room, if we break it down into thirds, you’ve got the bar third at the bottom, where we have our fully stocked bar and bar menus are always changing depending on the popularity and what’s on-trend. We have around 16 types of Gin on the bar, at the minute we’ve got our craft beer options, but we’ll cover that in more detail when we get down there.

Coming in this space between the two glass doors on the right would fit 100 people give or take, depending on your setup, that’s your middle third, then come on to the bottom third. Again, hopefully, this makes sense depending on your numbers we will need to reset the room. But you’ve got this area at the bottom, where potentially we don’t have to move any tables at all. We just flow straight from your sit down meal into your evening entertainment -band or DJ s or over to yourselves, you pick whoever you would like and as long as they can safely do what they’re planning to do. We’re very helpful and happy for them to be here.

But this is a really nice area for you to then have that dance floor. We don’t expect you to hire in a dance floor. We don’t have any form of stiletto rules. So you’re very welcome to use our original wooden floor.

Going through the room. A bit like what you’ve already seen, with all of the other rooms on-site, Lillibrooke is an extremely character-driven barn wedding venue. The Great Barn crosses over medieval and Tudor. What you have as well is the original wooden beams, original wooden floor, the brickwork. We’ve added in the LED lights that wrap all around the outside, as well as the LED lights that are on the chandelier. This comes as part of the venue. The only thing that’s been added into here at the minute is the lighting, which has been done by Academy productions. They’re one of our preferred suppliers and amazing company I’ve had the pleasure of working with for almost six years now. But all of our preferred suppliers have been hand-selected to give you the best possible wedding.

At Lillibrooke Manor, we’ve invested heavily in lots of different things to help you have the best day possible. One of those things is our AV. We’ve invested in a four-meter wide Full HD projector screen- that white box there comes down in level to the brickwork to give you that advantage of having some visual aids on those speeches. Bestmen sometimes you don’t want them to get that knowledge but it makes a very fun addition to your day to have those comical pictures out and to give a more human aspect to the wedding. If you just want to have some pictures of yourselves on holiday, as you as a couple, maybe some family pictures, they could also be rotating through that on your wedding day. As part of the AV, we have microphones, so you don’t need to worry about hiring any extra equipment for your speeches. So we have that here for you. That connects into our full surround sound Bose speaker system. So we’ve invested very heavily in that to give you the best audio and visual additions to your day.

At Lillibrooke, we have a fully stocked, very cute photogenic bar. Like you can see, we’ve got lots of choices on the bar. We have our gin bar, which allows you to in essence, pimp your own gin. On draft, we’ve got Guinness, San Miguel rebellion IPA, and rebellion lager. The big question on every couple’s lips is what’s the price? How expensive is that?  At Lillibrooke, the last thing we want to do is upset anybody So how we structured it is like a pub, south of England pub. We even have our more popular prices on the board to the right. At any time, we can send you across a full bar list; full bar menu. It’s well-stocked well run. Tabs are very easy to create. We have to chip and pin contactless tills, which allows you to then create those bar tabs if you wish but don’t feel you have to. It’s just a nice bonus if you do want to for your guests.

Lillibrooke is a beautiful wedding venue in Berkshire, no matter how big your numbers are, how small they are.  The max capacity is 170. But we’ve done weddings as small as 40 guests. So always contact us have a chat and we’ll see how we can help.

So moving from the Great Barn, you come into the Great Barn Garden. You’ve got a beautiful outdoor option for having the end of your day for having those drinks in the sun to enjoy the sun setting on this side of the venue. You’ve got all the furniture, flowers, this is also standard, this is how the venue comes. You’re very welcome to add additional things to it if you wish. But the big, big, cool thing right here we think is our outdoor food kitchen.

What this gives you is the option of having not theatre food, the novelty of the chef’s outside making that food for your guests to enjoy that handmade food. The big popular options here are your outdoor pizza oven, hog roast and the likes of a barbecue. What better space could you have all your family and friends enjoying that type of theatre food and it gives you that novelty and fun with your guests to have them engage with the chef’s talk to them, ask them how they cook the food earlier in the day for your wedding breakfast. But what can be better than sitting out in this garden, having the last drinks of a wedding and enjoying some homemade pizza.

The Engine House

The engine house is your extra bonus. It’s a room that answers our questions of what if? What if it rains on our special day? Its a thought that no couple wants to think about, but it still creates four beautiful pictures. The joy of Lillibrooke is you know that you’re in safe hands. This could be your drinks reception if you’re using a small barn for your wedding for your ceremony. The joy you also have is the engine house is licensed for having indoor ceremonies as well. So you can have up to 80 people. It’s the smallest of our three indoor options, but it is one of our very popular options. Like you can see. It’s all glazed which gives you a beautiful look across to the manor. This is a lovely spot for having your cake cut for that sort of first cut moment and for that photo opportunity.

In the evening time, it’s a popular space for having guestbook tables, photo booths, kiddies play-room, and a nice chill out space for your guests who maybe don’t want to have a dance in the evening. Maybe they just want to have a sit down on chat and a cup of tea. The joy is that the venue caters for all needs and this is a stunning room to have that in. It’s also a very, very popular space in the winter weddings for having maybe activities that would be on the grounds in the summertime for having those in here. Maybe instead of lawn games outside, you have some activities in here. So again, the venue, we’re very happy to chat through different ideas that you might have and see what we can do. It’s just a fun extra space that a lot of venues just don’t have.

The Heritage Venues Kitchens:

Welcome to the heritage venues kitchen. This kitchen we invested in heavily to be able to deliver the high-quality food that you see all those beautiful pictures of online. Our Head Chef Krimo is 32 years in the industry, five of those years are in Michelin Starred restaurants throughout London. He prides himself in his quality. His professionalism in food standards we feel is second to none. On your wedding day, the food should be a key ingredient a key part of that amazing day. How we deliver is we’ve got two kitchens, in essence, we have our front kitchen, which we use for Delivery on the day. But we have our second kitchen at the back, which is for prep so that we’re able to deliver back to back weddings. That’s how we maintain high standards. That’s how we give that high level of service every time to every wedding. And I hope you can see, it is an amazing space to achieve that.

 With regards to heritage venues, we pride ourselves on our level of service, our food qualities, and standards and are only ever a phone call away. It is one of the biggest pros of an exclusive hire site that you get us to help you to plan your day.

We have lots of pictures online. Our Pinterest page is I think just over 2000 images of food, ideas, but actually also pictures of what the venue looks like every month of the year. We’re open all year round from the start of the year to the end, delivering weddings, Monday to Sunday. So any day of the week, you’re very welcome to talk to us, ask us what works best for you. And we’ll hopefully get the dream date for your big day. So that’s Lillibrooke Manor, a picturesque wedding venue in Berkshire  – we’ve shown you the grounds, we shown you the spaces,  we’ve told you about our hospitality, our event management, our different food offerings and drinks. We hope you can see yourselves having your big day with us. Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re very happy to walk you through any questions about your big day. And hopefully, yes, you can book us and enjoy Lillibrooke Manor for your magical day.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much.


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We had a fab time- thanks for everything you’ve done to help our day be perfect!

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